Lisa Wardell

Director/Actor/Writer/Production Designer

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About Lisa

Lisa was born at home in Shelley, ID to homemaker Shawna (Anderson) and nuclear engineer Mel Wardell. She has two older brothers and two younger. Lisa found her love of film at a young age. She started directing movies at 7 by pilfering the family camcorder and press-ganging the neighborhood kids into being in her films. Lisa attended Shelley High School where she was active in the theater, dance team, art, and show choir. When she was 18 Lisa started her first company “The Midsummer Players” where she directed, acted, produced, and production designed Shakespeare plays for her community, eventually taking the troupe on tour throughout Southeast Idaho. Lisa went on to study theater at BYU-Idaho where she acting in numerous productions. It was in her time at BYU-Idaho that Lisa found her love of fencing and swordplay. Lisa moved to Los Angeles where she helped found the independent film company Runes Picture Company.

Renaissance Woman


Lisa Wardell is an award winning director with the short film “Maid of Dishonor” and “A Divine Meeting”.  She just finished the TV comedy pilot “Half Off Heroes” as well as just wrapped principal photography on short film “The Price”.


Lisa has been acting since she was a little girl.  She has deep roots in Shakepeare and classical training.  Lisa also performs the popular character Ginger Snap on the Fillmore and Western Railway.

Production Designer

Lisa is a freelance art director working for companies like MTV, The Jim Henson Company, Fox Sports, NFL Networks, Showtime, OWN, BET, Activision, and Sid and Marty Kroft Productions. 


Awesome Collaborators


Lisa has an incredible energy and passion for both Acting and Directing. She’s an absolute pleasure to work with and her skill-set/knowledge as a production designer will set the standard for what real production value is.

Guy Iorio

Gearmark TV

Lisa Wardell is a powerhouse of energy and ideas. What a special day it was when I met her. My troupe of improvisational actors would not be the same without her contributions.

Paula Maxwell

-Creative Director
    P.Maxwell Productions

Lisa Wardell is a highly intelligent and focused film director and working with her was both an inspiration and an education. She’s a dynamic actress as well as a consistently creative consultant in a multitude of media applications. Her work has been recognized and awarded on several occasions, and on a personal note, I find Lisa a perceptive and intuitive individual and a joy to know.

Brant Johnson



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