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The Price

Currently in production for the epic short film “The Price”.

About “The Price”


With her husband away at war,  a despondent and isolated woman must fight a manipulative and ancient creature for the fate of her son and family.

The Story:

“The Price” is a Gothic fairytale inspired by the Brothers Grimm, set against the gritty realism of wartime 1940s America. Helen enters the workforce after her husband Luke is sent overseas. She’s plagued by the constant fear of losing her husband, the burdens of caring for her son Michael, and the stress of supporting her family. 

Her childhood memories of an imaginary friend turn out to be real as a horrific, satyr-like Creature re-enters her life.  A deal they made when she was a child carries a horrible price, and he has come to collect. The Creature takes her son and lures Helen into his world. Now she must fight for her son and for the fate of her family.


Half Off Heroes

About Half Off Heroes

After an embarrassing and nearly fatal accident occurs at a party, business owner Lucas Thigpen and his gang of misfits have to redeem themselves and their birthday party company in the eyes of the public – the only problem is every party goes from bad to worse.  Is it a curse? Bad luck? Or is it sabotage?


Maid of Dishonor

Maid of Dishonor – “Maid of Dishonor” won the audience award at the United Film Festival-Los Angeles as well as Best Comedy Short at Central Florida Film Festival.  Also official selection at the United Film Festival-New York.


Darlene has to wade through the aftermath of last nights crazy bachelorette party and get the bride to the church on time, whom she may or may not have slept with the night before.

Trailer for Maid of Dishonor

Maid of Dishonor Short Film



Developing “‘Rogues‘ – Feature Film.

About Rogues:

Rogues is one of a kind. It is an unscripted epic pirate movie.  Our process creates a visceral storytelling experience in that what’s going on onscreen is going on in-the-moment before your eyes. The juxtaposition of cinema verite style onto a period drama is another innovation that sets this project apart visually. It’s raw, and fresh, and beautiful. At the center of it all is the story of a passionate captain, and his men who love him, the breathless women who adore him, and a society that doesn’t know what to do with him. Rogues is grounded in the volatile life and times of the early 1700’s. The characters are heroic and yet at the same time painfully flawed. Their relationships are charged with primal passions of love, jealousy, and fear. For a man addicted to the sins of the world, Captain James Augustus Clarke must decide between his loyalties to himself or the loyalty to those that love and depend on him.

Concept Trailer for “Rogues”





Surely You Jest

Currently developing “Surely You Jest” – Action Adventure Feature.

About “Surely You Jest:

Set in the 12th century, this is a story about a court jester who’s best friend and true love is the same cursed princess who is the key to lifting a plague on the land. The one who can guess her name shall save the kingdom, become the king, and have the princess all to himself. The competition is fierce and the stakes are high in a story about a true underdog and a celebration of love winning out.

Concept Trailer for “Surely You Jest”